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Nutrition Right & Life Coaching


Bernex, Switzerland

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.30-15.30

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Bernex, Switzerland

Nutrition Right

Oksana Petersen from Nutrition·Right offers personalised nutrition coaching to help you to get your nutrition right, to feel great & look good. She is a qualified Nutrition, Life & Enneagram Coach.
No matter how busy your life is, with the unique personalized approach of NutritionRight you will find easy ways to
•             Be Healthy
•             Lose Weight for good
•             Stop bad eating habits
•             Have more Energy
•             Enjoy guilt free diet
•             Feel Happy

You will learn What/How much/When to eat to become the master of your own health. You will be guided on how to transform your unhealthy habits like constant snacking or overeating into quilt free enjoyable diet.  The handpicked latest scientific Nutritional Research & proven Life Coaching techniques such as Enneagram help you to get the long lasting results fast.
If you want to stop worrying about whether you are eating right & are ready to change your diet, the Nutrition·Right will support you all the way to your success.
For more info click on website or drop me a message.


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